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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Q&A: 2014 OT Ty Barrett on junior days

By Max Olson

Ty Barrett has been watching his Dallas Skyline teammates load up on offers and make their commitments. The junior offensive lineman is ready for his turn.

The 6-foot-5, 285-pound tackle prospect has picked up five offers already but is looking forward to hitting the road for junior days next month to see what other schools want him. He talked to HornsNation on Tuesday night about where his recruitment stands and what he's learned about the process from his Raider teammates.

HornsNation: What schools have been showing you the most interest lately?

Ty Barrett: Ole Miss, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Duke and Oklahoma State. Texas Tech also came by the other day, and Texas is coming tomorrow.

HN: What do think of the chance to catch up with the Texas coaching staff?

Barrett: I’m excited about it. Any time you get to talk to coach [Stacy] Searels and coach [Bruce] Chambers is good. They’ve been getting in touch with me.

HN: What stands out to you about those two coaches? What’s impressed you about them?

Barrett: Coach Chambers, this is interesting: He used to be one of my mom’s school teachers a long time ago at Carter, so he’s gotten to know me. With Coach Searels, every time I went to Texas coach Searels always showed me a lot of love.

HN: I’m guessing the question you want to ask them is why don’t you have a scholarship offer yet.

Barrett: Ha, I’m not going to ask that. I’m just going to let it happen.

HN: Have they talked to you at all about coming to a junior day in February?

Barrett: I’m going to talk to coach about that tomorrow. I know they have one on the 10th and I think they have another one that I’d like to go to.

HN: Do you know what other junior days you’d like to attend this spring?

Barrett: I know I’m going to Texas Tech’s junior day in February. I’m going to Ole Miss at the end of February. I’m probably going to Duke this spring, and I’m going to Oklahoma State but I’m not sure when it is yet.

HN: And hasn’t Oklahoma been recruiting you, too?

Barrett: Yeah, Oklahoma is, that’s another school. They came and their coach made me feel at home. I was invited to their junior day this year that got canceled. I was told there’s going to be another one in February. It’s going to be a busy February for me.

HN: Several of your Skyline teammates decided to make their decisions last summer. Do you feel that’s how you should approach your decision, to get it out of the way and focus on your senior season?

Barrett: I do. I really do think I’ll be able to get it done during the summer. By that time I will have ventured around a bit.

HN: What is it like to live up this last class of Skyline guys with Ra’Shaad Samples, DeVante Kincade, Kerrick Huggins and several others who will play college ball? Do you have to uphold the tradition of big recruits coming out of your school?

Barrett: Yes sir. We’ve got me and Cedric Collins and Derrick Dixon, and we still have a lot -- a lot -- of really good talent coming back. We do have to hold it down. We do have like eight or nine guys who have committed and a few more are making decisions. It’s going to be tough replacing them but we’ll handle it.

HN: What did you learn from those seniors about handling the recruiting process and enjoying it?

Barrett: Just stay humble. Make the right decision, the decision that fits you, not anybody else. They all try to get me to join their school, it’s crazy. But I want to keep working hard and have fun with the process.