USC's Adoree' Jackson performs a perfect wall flip

Adoree' Jackson flips out (0:19)

USC's Adoree' Jackson fell short of qualifying for the Olympic long jump, but shows off with an impressive running wall back flip. (0:19)

USC junior Adoree' Jackson has thrilled college football fans with his explosive athleticism for two seasons now. Aside from famously flipping into the end zone during a kickoff return for a touchdown during his freshman year, Jackson has applied his versatility not only to football (where he contributes on offense, defense, and special teams), but to sport as a whole -- he's an excellent long jumper, though he did recently miss out on qualifying for the Rio Olympic Games.

Our Kyle Bonagura summarized Jackson's athletic ability at last week's Pac-12 media days: "[He's] the type of person who could stumble upon an 'American Ninja Warrior' course, race through it in record time, do a back flip for good measure and casually walk about without breaking a sweat."

Flips seem to be a common occurrence in Jackson's life, and he provided social media with another one late Thursday to corroborate that description. This one was of the front-flip variety, and it came with the help of a wall on USC's campus:

As you can see through the joke included with his tweet, Jackson is taking his failure to qualify for the Olympic team in stride. But one note there: He might not be fully kidding about the gymnastics part. Let's just say that if Jackson dedicated some time to that sport, we wouldn't be surprised if he delivered considerable success there, too.