Dabo Swinney has another coaching gig: Little League

What’s the reigning national coach of the year do during his (relative) down time in the offseason?

Coach, of course.

It may be on a diamond instead of a gridiron, and it may be 12-year-olds instead of college kids, but Dabo Swinney has kept busy this spring by coaching his son’s baseball team, as The (Charleston) Post and Courier’s Aaron Brenner writes:

“As a dad, it gives me a chance to have some quality time to be a part of something with my boys,” Dabo said. “It is hard for me to coach their football and basketball, because of my schedule. I am gone a lot, I miss a lot. These weekends are something I try to protect at all costs.”

According to a survey of SIDs conducted by Brenner, Swinney is one of only four FBS head coaches who currently coaches youth sports.

The crowds may be smaller, and the stakes may be lower, but Swinney, the Clemson Tigers football coach, gets a kick out of coaching his kids. He currently coaches Clay, after coaching older sons Will and Drew for six years previously.

Swinney’s team name, naturally, is the Orange Crush. And while losses may come more frequently in baseball than they do in football, the pain and second-guessing hardly lingers: Postgame losses are cheered up by ice cream shop visits.

Between that and a pizza party after his day job took him to the College Football Playoff, Swinney’s popularity must be soaring among his local constituency.