Biancardi's Breakdown: Cliff Alexander 

October, 7, 2013
Cliff Alexander is the No. 3 prospect in the ESPN 100 and the No. 1 power forward. When this active and intense forward steps on the floor, you notice him as soon as he gets involved in the game action. In a class with elite big men at the top, what makes him special?

Let’s break down his game:

[+] EnlargeCliff Alexander
AP Photo/Damen Jackson via Triple Play New MediaCliff Alexander is the No. 3 overall prospect and No. 1 power forward in the ESPN 100.
Power in the paint
Alexander rebounds and protects the rim, and he has powerful moves which allow him to finish plays near and at the rim. Inside the painted area, some guys produce better than others, but Alexander is the king when it comes to dominating opponents. Blessed with a great physique and explosive athletic ability, Alexander is one of the better frontcourt players in the country. In his class, that’s a huge compliment. He scores almost exclusively in the paint and is especially unstoppable finishing a drop-off pass and on offensive rebounding put backs. He may be the best lob catcher in his class with his vertical jump and vision, which helps him rise up in traffic and throw down a dunk.