In defense of Seth Greenberg 

April, 24, 2012

GreenbergBob Donnan/US PresswireThe Hokies made the NCAA tournament one time under Seth Greenberg.
Here's why I would be a lousy athletic director: In evaluating coaches, I would measure performance versus realistic expectations for any program (not performance versus the narcissistic wishes of big-money boosters and premium ticket-holders). This would be professional suicide, of course, but it might at least temporarily change the conversation about what is and is not important in college sports.

Seth Greenberg has been with the Virginia Tech Hokies for nine years. It is well documented that the Hokies made only one NCAA tournament appearance in that span, a fact that had to have been a major factor in Greenberg's being pink-slipped Monday in Blacksburg. (Hokies AD Jim Weaver cited other reasons, but you tell me whether we'd be having this conversation if Greenberg had earned a few more tourney bids during his tenure.)