Ideas on how to approach transfer rule 

July, 13, 2012

Rotnei ClarkePaul Abell/US PresswireArkansas transfer Rotnei Clarke will join Butler this season after sitting out a year.
Success in sports isn't always purely about talent. Talent is a necessity, no doubt, but it tells only half of the story. Ask basketball players why some talented players never make it -- or why nominally talented players do -- and they likely will confirm that success is as much about "fit" as it is about the level of talent one possesses.

Fit isn't only about how a player fits into an offensive or defensive structure. It's also about academics, whether that player gets an opportunity to have the right role with his team, and whether that player can gain the confidence he needs to be successful (along with talent, confidence is the biggest reason why a player succeeds or fails).