Super insights from Sunday 

February, 4, 2008
I hosted a radio show last night during the Super Bowl. We called it, Inside College Hoops on ESPN Radio. We had a great guest list including Billy Packer, Eric Gordon, Todd Licklighter, Jeff Caple, Andy Katz, Joe Lunardi, Andy Glockner, Jim Laranaga and many others. He are some things I picked up from all of my guests:

Billy Packer, CBS Sports

Billy said that if Memphis' continues to shoot the ball at a 58 percent clip from the free-throw line, the Tigers will not win the NCAA Tournament. Packer, who is in his 33rd year of calling the Final Four, said that you have to remember that in six consecutive games, free throws can decide half of the games. Packer also said that he believes that Coach K has really benefited from coaching Team USA. Packer said that from asking Kobe Bryant about what he eats to picking up some zone tips from Jim Boeheim, Duke is the better for the immense amount of off-season time Duke's staff is using with Team USA.