Another Duke-UNC Classic 

March, 9, 2008

GameDay has probably had the best three weeks in its history. We started with a No. 1 vs. No. 2, in-state matchup with Memphis and Tennessee. Next, Michael Beasley put on a show in Phog Allen Fieldhouse against Kansas. And we finished our season with Duke vs. North Carolina at Cameron Indoor Stadium, which is one of the most enjoyable places to play and watch a game. On TV it looks like it's a 15,000 person arena, but it actually seats only between 8,000 and 9,000. All of the fans are right on top of you, and the students can touch you anytime you come close to the baseline.

The stars were out -- Matthew McConaughey, Peyton and Eli Manning, former Duke players Brian Davis, Jay Williams, and the best college player I played against -- Christian Laettner. From UNC there was George Lynch, who won a national championship in 1993. I thought it was funny that the Manning brothers were in the first row but that Christian Laettner, who went to four Final Fours, won two National Championships, has his number retired at Cameron, was national player of the year, and was on the original Dream Team, was sitting in the fifth row.