Difference in miles traveled is all over the map 

December, 31, 2008

With the last games of nonconference play winding down this week and next, teams are preparing to settle back into the comfortable rhythms of their leagues. Schools will welcome familiar opponents and rivals, and road trips will be planned around the same old hotels and restaurants. For the most part, the random surprises of November and December travel are over.

In November 2007, ESPN.com ran a feature story about the distances that teams traversed during the season, focusing on the incredible mileage that the University of Hawaii racks up every year. As a sidebar, we produced a chart of the 10 most-traveled and the 10 least-traveled teams. Folks still ask about those numbers, so it's time for a 2008-09 update.

Mileages are presented from gym to gym, as the crow flies, and contain regular-season games only. Conference tournaments, postseason play, BracketBusters and other TBA situations are not included.

It's no great shock that Hawaii is once again at the top of this chart. Every Warriors road game requires a trans-Pacific flight, and the NCAA offers a schedule exemption for other teams to travel there -- the trip doesn't count against a team's 29 games. At the far other end of the Western Athletic Conference is Louisiana Tech, just over 4,000 miles from Honolulu (or, in our terms, the total distance that Bucknell will travel all season). Other WAC teams like Idaho, Boise State and San Jose State are regulars in lists like these.