Top 10 closers in college hoops 

February, 5, 2013

Trey Burke AP Photo/Carlos OsorioTrey Burke is one of the best players in the country in late-game situations.
How teams execute in the last four minutes of a game usually determines the final outcome. And having the right players in the right places for these situations is what coaching is all about. This includes making situational substitutions for both offense and defense, knowing who your best inbounders and lockdown defenders are, and identifying the guy you want to get open in a dead-ball situation and the players you want taking your last-second shot.

So who are the best players in the nation at closing out games? I've listed my 10 here, giving you a five-man team for both offense and defense. (Yes, I know this isn't football, but in an ideal world, these are the 10 players I'd have at my disposal to close out a game.)