Who will earn No. 1 seeds in 2014? 

April, 24, 2013

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo with Keith ApplingAP Photo/Al GoldisTom Izzo, Keith Appling and the Spartans are strong candidates to earn a No. 1 seed in 2014.
You go 68-for-68 in a crazy season, getting all of the key seeds correct, and suddenly people think you're clairvoyant. So let me be the first to say that's far from correct, that I'm no more clairvoyant than the tarot card reader at the circus.

What I am, necessarily, is a student of history. The NCAA tournament, the selection committee and various data sources leave a trail of bread crumbs every season. If you gather them in the right order, you'll find clues to future events. That is the essence of bracketology, and the identity of the 67th or 68th team in a given season becomes a little less random.