A look at 15 more underappreciated teams 

October, 5, 2010
Whenever I read preseason rankings such as Andy Katz's top 25 or Dick Vitale's top 40, I immediately think about the massive group in the middle of the college basketball world that feels forever disrespected by not being on such lists. That's why making such a list is never an easy task -- there are plenty of teams with legit arguments.

So I decided to sit down and think of how many teams could end the season on such a list and, if everything worked out, be right in the NCAA tourney discussion. Programs that have a certain buzz about them in college basketball circles are the ones I'll identify here.

In the end, I picked 30 teams that weren't in Vitale's top 40 -- 30 teams worth watching and discussing. I revealed the first 15 on Monday, and below is a list of 15 more to keep an eye on: