Underrated coaches, omissions in Top 50 

June, 2, 2014
Tom CreanAP Photo/Kiichiro SatoIndiana University's Tom Crean didn't make the Top 50 cut.
I will admit it. I am sensitive to coaching lists, as well as "who’s hot" and "who's on the hot seat" articles. After spending 23 years as a college coach, I understand, uniquely, how hard the job is and how circumstances, real and imagined, can affect how coaches are viewed.

I've also seen how just one key win can propel a coach into the fans' and media's consciousness, and one heartbreaking loss can turn a guy into "someone who can't coach." Every coach on the Top 50 list has lived both sides.

This month, ESPN is unveiling a Top 50 college coaches list, and I have been asked to weigh in on it, with particular regard to coaches ranked too low, in my judgment, and coaches I believe have been wrongly omitted. To me, these coaches deserve a slot (or a higher slot) on the list.