My time with Gary Williams 

May, 6, 2011

Gary WilliamsPaul Abell/US PresswireGary Williams won almost 700 games and a national title without running afoul of the NCAA.
In May 1987, I had an interview set up for a position on Gary Williams' staff at Ohio State. I hardly knew him but I was very close to Rick Barnes, his former assistant who was leaving to become the head coach at George Mason. I had been an assistant coach at Ohio University, 68 miles down the road, and had helped Barnes navigate the state since he arrived with Williams the year before. He basically told me that I would get the job.

I met Gary at an airline club at the Columbus International Airport, and after a couple of minutes of small talk, he asked me if I wanted the job. And in the shortest job interview in college basketball history, I accepted. Off the court, I found that he was a man of few words.