Pac-12 may be locked into two bids 

March, 10, 2012

Tony Wroten, Angus BrandtStephen Dunn/Getty ImagesThe Washington Huskies' loss may cost the Pac-12 a second at-large bid.
We could see some bid thievery Saturday, only it might not be where you'd expect to find it.

With both the Washington Huskies and California Golden Bears out of the Pac-12 tournament, you might think that the Pac-12 will steal a third bid when the Arizona Wildcats and Colorado Buffaloes play for the championship at 6 p.m. on Saturday. I don't think the Pac-12 will get a third team into the bracket however.

After digesting all of Friday's action, I now have the Huskies as the first team out. That, my friends, would be a historical scenario since a power conference regular-season champion has never missed out on an invitation to the Dance.

But the case for the Huskies' at-large bid just isn't a good one. An RPI of 69? Zero top-50 wins? An SOS of 90? What part of that résumé screams "at-large selection?" I've moved Arizona into the bracket for now, but solely as the projected Pac-12 champion as it's the highest remaining seed in the Pac-12 tournament. If the Wildcats lose to the Buffs tonight, Arizona can kiss its bid hopes goodbye as well. All in all, I think the Pac-12 is locked in for a pair of bids and no more.

Where we could see some Saturday bid theft is in Conference USA. If the Marshall Thundering Herd can trip up the Memphis Tigers, C-USA will steal a third bid and bounce someone off the bubble.

Here's how the rest of the S Curve shapes up:

The S Curve

ALL CAPS: Regular-season champion (NIT auto-bid if needed) or highest remaining seed

Bold: NCAA automatic qualifier

GREEN: Teams with tourney odds of 90 percent or better through games of March 9.

YELLOW: "Last four in" (will play March 13-14 in Dayton, Ohio)

GOLD: Lowest four auto-bids (will play March 13-14 in Dayton, Ohio)

RED: "First four out" (teams 69-72 on the S curve)

PURPLE: "Next four out" (teams 73-76 on the S curve)