Scouting Report: Celtics vs. Hawks 

April, 29, 2012
By John Carroll

The Boston Celtics have had two completely different seasons: The one prior to the All-Star break, in which they went 15-17, and the one after the All-Star break, in which they went 24-10 and won the Atlantic Division. As a result, they received the No. 4 seed but not home-court advantage. That belongs to the Atlanta Hawks, who, despite being seeded one spot lower, finished with a better record overall.

The Celtics may or may not have what it takes to go the distance this year -- that it is yet to be seen -- but it is a fact that no one in the East wants to play them. As these playoffs begin, they are playing their best basketball of the season. If they can continue to get the terrific contributions from Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, and if Avery Bradley can handle the pressure of the playoffs, the C’s could easily dispatch of the Hawks.