Carroll's Keys: Mavericks-Trail Blazers 

April, 12, 2012
By John Carroll | Scouts Inc.

This is somewhat of a meaningless game for the Portland Trail Blazers who have seven games left in the 2011-12 season. They are currently out of the playoff picture and are utilizing the remaining games to make important decisions about their roster. They will have tremendous roster turnover and although they do not have a sitting general manager everyone besides LaMarcus Aldridge is being evaluated for next year’s team.

For the Dallas Mavericks, who have seven games left including this one, every game means something. The Mavs are currently in sixth place in the Western Conference, a half-game ahead of Denver and Houston. In addition Utah and Phoenix are still in the hunt in ninth and 10th place, respectively. The problem for the Mavericks is that they play five of the seven remaining games on the road, and included in that number are games against the Lakers, Jazz, Rockets, Bulls and Hawks -- all of which could be playoff teams.