Carroll's Keys: Bulls-Knicks 

April, 7, 2012
By John Carroll | Scouts Inc.

The Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks face each other twice in three days. Sunday’s game between the Bulls and the Knicks should mark the return of last year's MVP Derrick Rose. Rose has been out for the past 12 games and the Bulls have gone 8-4 over that time. To completely understand how deep and talented the Bulls are, you just have to look at what they have done this season without Rose. Rose, who averages 22.0 points per game and dishes 8.0 assists, has missed 22 games this season and the Bulls have won 15 of those games.

The Knicks are 10-3 under coach Mike Woodson, featuring a significantly more efficient offense. New York’s shooting has improved nearly two full points of effective field goal percentage. In addition, the Knicks have had a major increase in their offensive rebounding.