Scouting report: Celtics-Heat 

May, 28, 2012
Eastern Conference Finals Preview: (2) Heat vs. (4) Celtics

By Anthony Macri

Things have started to appear normal again for the Miami Heat. After losing Chris Bosh in Game 1 of their conference semifinal series with the Indiana Pacers, the Heat have managed to stabilize their team and actually look better in some ways than they did when Bosh was healthy. Their quest for a championship, however, will require a lot more than they were able to give against the Pacers. After overwhelming the New York Knicks in their opening round matchup, the Heat encountered a foe that refused to back down in Indiana -- but that may have been just the wake-up call Miami needed, as the Heat closed that series out looking very strong down the stretch. Led by a big two of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, the real question for Miami is where its other production comes from -- and, maybe more importantly, if it needs it.