Importance of FG% and FT% 

January, 25, 2013
Only the Miami Heat (48.9 FG%) are shooting better than the San Antonio Spurs (48.6 FG%) this season and those two squads are the only teams that are shooting better than the Oklahoma City Thunder's 47.8 FG%. Not surprisingly, strong guard play by the Heat and Spurs has been a key to their success in that department.

According to Elias Sports Bureau, Spurs guard Tony Parker has made 52 percent of his field-goal attempts this season, the highest percentage for any player who has started at least 30 games as a guard. The only other guard who has started 30 games this season and has made at least half of his shots from the floor is the Heat's Dwyane Wade (51 FG%).

The rare guards who can shoot in the 50-percent range from the field also are a boon to fantasy teams, because they will help roto-league teams stay firm in the FG% category and points-league teams stay competitive in head-to-head battles. The Spurs have another guard, Kawhi Leonard, who is up in that range (49.2 FG%), too. He could be a fantasy monster if he ever secures a large enough role on offense.