2013 draft fits for Phoenix Suns 

January, 25, 2013

Ben McLemoreJohn Rieger/USA TODAY SportsKansas' Ben McLemore is fast becoming a favorite among fans and NBA evaluators.
The once-proud Phoenix Suns have been slowly fading into the sunset for the past few seasons. What was just a few years ago the most exciting team in the NBA -- led by Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion -- is now a shell of itself.

The high-octane Suns offense has ground to a halt. The team now ranks just 25th in offense efficiency and 18th in points per game despite playing at the ninth-fastest pace in the league. Without Nash captaining the ship, everyone seems to have lost their way.

To compound matters, their defense is just as bad as ever -- ranking 26th in the league in defensive efficiency.

The team recently fired head coach Alvin Gentry and replaced him with interim head coach Lindsey Hunter. No one, however, is under the illusion that the coach was the biggest problem in Phoenix. It's the players.

One look at their roster, and neither the poor offensive performance nor their poor defensive performance really surprises you.