Cleveland Cavaliers target Kyrie Irving 

February, 25, 2011

Kyrie IrvingHoward Smith/US PresswireInjured freshman point guard Kyrie Irving could be a big winner of the NBA's trade deadline.
The 2011 NBA trade deadline was one of the most eventful ever. Nearly 10 percent of the players in the league changed teams over the past week.

And while we're sifting through the aftermath, one thing is clear: This year's deadline maneuvering will have major ramifications for the 2011 NBA draft. A whopping six first-round picks (two of them likely lottery picks) were traded this week.

Many GMs and scouts have commented on the weakness of this year's draft and GMs seemed to be voting with their feet months before the actual draft.

Said a Clippers source after the team sent its first-round pick to Cleveland, "This just shows you how much we hate this draft."

OK. But one team's trash is another team's treasure and teams like the Cavs were celebrating the acquisition of the Clippers' pick.

Who got what and how will it impact the draft? Here's a breakdown (along with a link to our newly updated Lottery Mock Draft):