How Sullinger needs to improve 

April, 7, 2011

Jared Sullinger and Harrison Barnes Getty ImagesIf they return to school, Jared Sullinger and Harrison Barnes have improvements to make.
For NBA draft prospects, deciding whether to come back to school is never an easy process, especially for players who are assured of lottery status. Yet there are a few guys who seem to be set on doing just that. While this is great for college basketball fans, the schools these players attend and their coaches, there is risk involved that has to be accounted for. Going back to school is by no means a guarantee that a player's stock will rise, or even stay the same.

Kyle Singler is just the latest of dozens of examples where players don't have the kind of season they were hoping for in their last year of school, and consequently, see their stock drop in NBA circles. So in the cases of Jared Sullinger, John Henson and Harrison Barnes, what does each have to do to maintain his lottery status, or better yet, get into the top 5 next year? (One caveat here: Barnes hasn't yet declared his intentions and could end up opting to make the jump to the NBA. And both Sullinger and Henson still have time to change their minds and enter the draft.)