Reggie Jackson still has work to do 

May, 14, 2011

Reggie JacksonJason Moore/Icon SMIScouts have concerns about Reggie Jackson's 3-point shooting ability.
See if you can connect these dots: Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Kansas, Connecticut, Memphis, UCLA, Florida, Georgia Tech and Marquette. Know what these schools all have in common? Each school sent at least one player to this year's NBA All-Star Game, and are either known as basketball powers or were powerful when they featured these players.

Only Joe Johnson from Arkansas came from a non-hoops power that did not have a tremendous season. In fact, scanning the top of John Hollinger's PER rankings at season's end, only Kevin Martin (Western Carolina), Steve Nash (Santa Clara), and Paul Millsap (Louisiana Tech) came from colleges with little hoops tradition or astounding success when they were in school (though Nash's team was very good for his last two years).