MKG and other soaring stocks 

March, 26, 2012

Michael Kidd-GilchristKevin C. Cox/Getty ImagesMichael Kidd-Gilchrist and Terrence Jones are impressing NBA scouts and GMs.
This weekend had a number of terrific NBA scouting games as some of the top prospects and programs in the country went head-to-head. While we continue to emphasize that NBA scouts and GMs don't put huge weight on NCAA tournament games, there's no question that what happened this weekend leaves an important, lasting impression on NBA teams.

NBA scouts and GMs were all over the country this week watching the NCAA tournament. I spoke to a number of them to see whom they were buzzing about. The list below doesn't reflect who played the best game or games. But it does give you a good feel for who is on the minds of scouts and GMs.