MLB Rumors: Rafael Soriano

Options obvious for Nationals? 

October, 9, 2014
Oct 9
The Washington Nationals couldn't get past the San Francisco Giants in their NLDS series, and while the reality of their elimination may not have completely set in just yet, the organization will soon need to look ahead to making changes for 2015.

Could Soriano get closer's job back? 

September, 9, 2014
Sep 9
When the Washington Nationals defeated the Atlanta Braves on Monday night, it was Drew Storen who got the ninth-inning call to close out the game -- and the pitcher responded with three strikeouts to seal the victory.

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Soriano on shaky ground in DC? 

September, 6, 2014
Sep 6
Matt Williams’ patience with closer Rafael Soriano may be running thin.

Soriano blew his fifth save since the All-Star break on Friday night, giving up ninth-inning home runs to Carlos Ruiz and Ben Revere as the Phillies went on to a 9-8 victory over the Nationals in 11 innings. "We need to address (the closer situation), it's not an easy decision," Williams said. "We want to be able to close those games out. Sori understands that. He's been around the block."

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Clippard to close? 

August, 28, 2013
Rafael Soriano is in the first year of a two-year, $28 million deal to be the Washington Nationals' closer. And on Tuesday, he earned his 34th save of the season. Even still, the talk of Tyler Clippard returning to the role of closer won't go away.

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Jays' relief search urgent? 

April, 4, 2013
The Toronto Blue Jays are still looking to add a relief pitcher and's Jon Heyman tweeted earlier this winter that the club wants a setup man capable of closing. Such an arm shouldn't be too difficult to find, but the free agent market has thinned of such veteran relievers with ninth-inning experience.

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Replacing Rivera 

March, 10, 2013
Now that New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera has made his future plans known this spring -- he'll be retiring at season's end -- what will the Yankees do about finding a replacement to the greatest closer in baseball history?

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Sign and trade option 

January, 17, 2013
There has been some chatter about a sign-and-trade option being a way the top remaining free agents can get the kind of money they want and from the team they want it from without that club having to surrender draft-pick compensation. One of the questions that has come up is the plausibility and legality of the concept.

First of all, it is within the rules of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, provided the player gives his consent in writing -- which is these cases does not seem like much of a hurdle. The plausibility of the idea may not sit on the same shelf, however.

There's nothing preventing, for example, the Atlanta Braves, Scott Boras and the Texas Rangers from getting together and concocting a contract and trade agreement so that the Braves get something in return for centerfielder Michael Bourn, but so the Rangers do not have to surrender their first-round draft pick.

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Soriano to Dodgers? 

January, 15, 2013
Rafael Soriano remains a free agent but the Los Angeles Dodgers are considering signing the right-handed closer, ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney tweeted Monday evening. The Dodgers have already signed Brandon League to a three-year contract, but could use him in a setup role if they were to add Soriano.

Soriano, however, would cost the Dodgers their first round pick in this June's draft -- no, Zack Greinke did not already cost the club that pick since the Los Angeles Angels, Greinke's former club, did not employ him all season and were therefore ineligible for draft-pick compensation.

The Dodgers could simply see that first round pick, plus the dollars it takes to sign Soriano, as an acceptable cost to bolster their bullpen with a premium arm, but considering they also have a healthy Kenley Jansen in the fold, perhaps GM Ned Colletti and staff have reservations that will prevent them from ultimately signing the 33-year-old.


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