Choo's free agent year 

May, 3, 2013
Shin-Soo Choo is scheduled to hit the free agent market at the end of the 2013 season and with Scott Boras serving as his representation, an extension during the year shouldn't be expected any more than one might assume a cure for the zombies in The Walking Dead. Choo is making a case, however, to be the top free agent bat next offseason, despite a former MVP among the available hitters.

Mike Napoli, Jacoby Ellsbury, Justin Morneau and Kendrys Morales are also set to hit free agency, but probably pale in comparison to Choo overall. Robinson Cano is the biggest name on the free agent list, but with his recent change in agents -- from the Boras, Corp. to CAA -- there's likely a better chance something gets done between the player and the New York Yankees before November.

Choo, 31 in July, had two more hits Friday and takes a .330/.467/.541 triple-slash into Saturday's tilt at Wrigley Field.