AJ being priced out of Motown? 

March, 14, 2013
While it doesn't appear Tampa Bay's David Price will be one of them -- he just inked a one-year deal for 2013 worth just over $10 million earlier this offseason -- there could be a number of players into their arbitration years and headed for free agency that warrant serious consideration for long-term solutions. Giancarlo Stanton is one of them, though whether or not he would consider such an idea appears slim at best right now. Let's start with the American League Central:

Chicago White Sox lefty Chris Sale has one more year until arbitration eligibility kicks in, but a multi-year contract could work out for both player and club. Detroit's Doug Fister is eligible this offseason and the Tigers could choose the route of at least a two-year deal. Fister's teammate, Max Scherzer, is in his second arbitration trip and is also worthy of consideration for a multi-year pact.

The Cleveland Indians don't have any obvious candidates boring in on arbitration and clearly worthy of a multi-year contract, and the Royals have many of their young talents locked up already. Two candidates for KC are lefty reliever Tim Collins and right-hander Greg Holland. Both will be arbitration eligible after 2013 and could be pieces the Royals look to lock up for more than one year at a time in hopes of saving some cash down the line.