Stephen Piscotty a natural hitter 

May, 31, 2012

Stephen PiscottyLarry Goren/Four Seam Images/AP PhotosScouts love the ease with which Stephen Piscotty is able to put the barrel on the ball.
If you were to pen a preliminary draft of the "All-American Stanford Story," it would begin something like this:

The central character grew up within driving distance of Palo Alto, Calif. As a young child, his uncle -- a man with a Cardinal history -- took him to Sunken Diamond for his birthday. He sat across from the Stanford dugout so he could peer into it, studying the players. He was mesmerized by baseball's sounds. His five-year-old mind couldn't quite analyze the complexities of the game, but his heart could feel its pulse. He loved the aura of it all. He remembers now how the players ran on and off the field. He remembers wanting to be like them. He remembers believing, even then, it was attainable.