Dietrich developing well 

June, 19, 2009

• Georgia Tech SS Derek Dietrich was a third-round pick out of high school, but the Astros refused to go over slot for him and lost him and their fourth-round pick, leaving them with one of the biggest draft disasters in recent memory with no picks above the third round. He has established himself since then as a likely top-100 pick with some chance to end up in the first round if he has a strong junior year and can answer questions about his ultimate defensive position.

His major problem at the plate is contact; he's whiffed 98 times in the last two springs, finishing second on the Yellow Jackets in strikeouts this year. He works deep counts, which is good but can lead to strikeouts. A bigger issue is his tendency to let his front side go a little soft at the end of his swing, so despite having strong hands, his bat control is somewhat compromised. Dietrich is strong, with a chance to have above-average power in the future but isn't going to stay at shortstop in pro ball -- he's slow-footed and has outgrown the position since high school. He has plenty of arm to play third base -- he was a two-way guy in high school -- but if he gets any bigger or slower, he's going to end up in the outfield or even at first base.

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