Appel again leads strong college crop 

February, 21, 2013

Mark Appel Larry Goren/AP PhotoMark Appel will be at the top of many draft boards for the second straight year.
The class of 2013 is somewhat similar to that of its 2012 brethren in that its strength appears to be in college pitching. Right-hander Mark Appel, the No. 8 overall selection from last June, is back at Stanford and may be the No. 1 overall prospect. However, he has company at the top.

The second weekend of the college season is headlined by Appel matching up against Fresno State, which features outfielder Aaron Judge, one of the more intriguing bats in the class. Judge is a 6-foot-7 physical beast who possesses big raw power but has yet to show it in games. He has launched two of his six career long balls off Appel, however, which makes for a fun Friday night showdown.