Buzz: Travis Harrison's stock is rising 

April, 18, 2011

If it seems like the number of potential first-round picks has grown each week, it's not a hallucination. The number of prospects that have helped their cause this season dwarfs those who have struggled to impress the scouting world. While only 33 players will be selected in the initial round come draft day, many others are worthy of such consideration, which makes things interesting well into the compensation round and beyond.

A handful of clubs have extra picks, including the Tampa Bay Rays, who have 10 selections -- three in the first round. Arizona, San Diego, Boston, Milwaukee and Washington each have two first-round choices and the Toronto Blue Jays have four supplemental picks. All seven organizations have a chance to do some serious damage it terms of filling their farm system with impact talent. Whether or not they take advantage of the opportunity remains to be seen.