Thurman, Bryant both first-rounders 

April, 8, 2013

Kris BryantLarry Goren/Four Seam Images/AP ImagesIn a draft light on college bats, Kris Bryant is the best one.
Some notes from my weekend in Los Angeles after seeing UC Irvine's Andrew Thurman and San Diego's Kris Bryant, two likely first-rounders.

• Thurman pitched a gem against Hawaii on Friday night, only running into trouble in the ninth inning after eight superb frames in which he commanded his fastball and showed four weapons. The right-hander was 91-93 with his fastball early in the game, slipping a little to 89-92 by the sixth inning, and worked very well side to side with the pitch, making up for the fact that it didn't have a ton of life.