What sets Luck, Wilson apart 

November, 9, 2013
Wilson/LuckUSA TODAY SportsRussell Wilson and Andrew Luck are tied for the NFL lead in fourth-quarter comeback victories.
Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson had help. Let's be clear about that. But in leading their teams to Week 9 comeback victories against nearly impossible odds, they became common denominators in a staggering NFL equation. Teams are 5-59 since the start of last season when falling behind the way Luck's Indianapolis Colts and Wilson's Seattle Seahawks fell behind last week. Here is the staggering part: That includes 2-0 for Luck, 2-0 for Wilson, 1-1 for Peyton Manning and 0-58 for everyone else.

Manning is Manning, of course, but what makes Luck and Wilson so well-equipped to prevail under the direst situations so early in their careers? It's not just that they are 4-0 in situations when the rest of the league, minus Manning, has gone 0-58. Luck and Wilson are also tied for the NFL lead in fourth-quarter comeback victories this season. Each has three. Luck has a league-high seven and Wilson is tied for second with six since both entered the league as 2012 draft choices. Filtering only for games when quarterbacks trailed by 1-8 points in fourth quarters, Luck and Wilson are a combined 13-9. The rest of the league is 83-184.

Surely these facts say something about these young QBs, but what is it about them that might give them an edge?

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