Manny upgrades White Sox lineup 

August, 30, 2010
Manny Ramirez is a clear upgrade for the White Sox, worth an extra win over Mark Kotsay (the current, impotent DH option for Chicago) over the remainder of the season, and a much better option for leveraged at-bats late in a close game.

There's some chance that Chicago will get more out of him than the Dodgers did because he'll never have to put on a glove -- which is a good thing, because at this point in his career he's among the worst defensive outfielders in baseball -- and it's possible that the move to a good home run park will produce better-than-expected results. It doesn't make the White Sox, four behind Minnesota in the loss column, sudden favorites to win the AL Central, but the move makes them more competitive against a slightly superior Twins team.