With deal, D-backs cleanse K problem 

December, 6, 2010

My wife's grandfather recently told us the story of how his mother would get rid of bedbugs in the small apartment where he grew up. (This story was prompted by the recent spate of bedbug infestations in New York City.) Apparently, she would pour kerosene into the springs of the mattress where the bedbugs lived and bred ... and would drop a lit match down the spring to incinerate them. Of course, the risk of this approach is that if you do it wrong, or are a little too aggressive, you will burn your house down.

[+] EnlargeMark Reynolds
Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesReynolds has some contact problems to say the least.
Well, I think Arizona general manager Kevin Towers has decided that strikeouts are akin to bedbugs, and will gladly bust out the kerosene can to get rid of them.