Scouting the Area Code Games 

August, 10, 2012

The crop of talent at this year's Area Code Games lacked the elite layer of no-doubt first-rounders that I've seen at the six previous ones I've covered, but the usual depth of arms was there and we did have a few standout athletes worth noting for next year's draft.

Scott Kurtz/ESPN RiseTop HS talent can't beat the "Area Code" jersey.
• The best all-around player in Long Beach was Trey Ball, a left-handed pitcher and outfielder from New Castle High School in Indiana. His body is extremely projectable at 6'6", 180 pounds, although he's a little old for his class, having turned 18 in June. At the plate, he's got quick hands and shows good plate coverage, with the strength to make solid contact on pitches down or away. He's a well above-average runner and I think there will be future power there, since he rotates his hips well and seemed to understand which pitches he could drive and which ones he had to take the other way. On the mound, Ball was 86-91 mph with a quick arm, a long stride, and great extension out front. I've got him as a hitter right now rather than as a a pitcher, but in either role he stands out as one of the best athletes on the field and I wouldn't be shocked if his fastball shot up next spring and changed his projection.