Five players who belong on an All-Star roster ... and five who don't

Robbie Rogers/MLB Photos

My philosophy on All-Star teams is simple: It's a marketing event for baseball, not a popularity contest and not a way to reward first-half flukes.

Lots of folks have grown up thinking that selection is just about who has the best stats on the day you vote, even if it's someone who has just had the best 50 games of his life, rather than getting the actual stars -- the word that is in the name of the game -- all on one field at one time. With that in mind, here are five players I think belong in this year's All-Star Game but might be omitted, and five players who could be included but wouldn't make the cut for me.

Players who belong in the All-Star Game

Brian Dozier, 2B
Minnesota Twins
2015 WAR: 3.0


Freaky stat: Since the start of 2014, Miguel Cabrera has hit 40 home runs -- one more than Dozier, whose 16 home runs this season match the number he had in his 365-game minor league career. Dozier was never supposed to be this kind of player, but he has power, gets on base and plays at least an adequate second base.