ACC now nation's best CBB conference 

September, 18, 2011

Syracuse Mascot Scott Boehm/Getty ImagesThe Syracuse Orange will no longer be a part of the Big East Conference.
The Big East has been the best basketball conference in the country over the past five years, and it isn't really a close call. But for the past 40 years, the ACC has been the premier basketball conference in the country -- and that hasn't been a close call. Now, with the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh, the ACC has signaled that it will overtake the Big East again and become the nation's best basketball league.

The move to add Syracuse and Pittsburgh is a zero-sum game for the ACC and the Big East. The ACC adds two perennial top 10 basketball programs (and major media markets) while the Big East loses the same. It makes the ACC more attractive and stable for new members, and makes the Big East one big question mark.