Beginning of the end for Big East 

September, 28, 2011

WalkerRichard Mackson/US PresswireThe Big East has been a dominant hoops league, but that isn't enough in the superconference world.
Change makes a lot of people really nervous, but fans of college athletics are getting a crash course in how to cope with it. And the latest round of conference realignment is just part of the inevitable move to four superconferences that will total around 64 teams and control all of big-money football and basketball.

As of now, we still have the "big six" conferences, which all get automatic bids to BCS bowls, and they are the ACC, Big East, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12. Of course, in the superconference world, it seems likely only four of these leagues will continue to exist. And when we break things down conference by conference, it becomes clear that the Big East's days are numbered.