Last-minute decisions 

May, 14, 2007
The latest sign that the Apocalypse is upon us is the almost morbid curiosity over which school prep recruits Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas will sign. Because the two are the best players that had not yet signed (or to put it another way, the only players that can walk and chew gum that have not signed), they are being treated as the basketball equivalent of Roger Clemens or Madonna.

Well, here is the truth of the matter. If you wait this long to make a decision, there is something wrong with you. You enjoy the recruiting process too much. Or you enjoy media attention too much. Or your family enjoys the spotlight too much. You enjoy getting asked about your decision daily and having recruiting nuts hanging on your every word. It is silly, and we in the media buy into it and cover it like it is a big deal. It is not.

Patterson is an outstanding athlete and prospect that has the chance to be a great college player and perhaps a pro. Lucas is a small guard that will take some time to be a difference maker on the college level and may never be a pro. Lucas is similar to Drew Lavendar, formerly of Oklahoma and now with Xavier, and will likely not be an impact player early in his college career.