Injuries, foul shots, players to know 

January, 5, 2008
Injury woes: The tough breaks suffered by Pittsburgh with the injuries to Mike Cook and Levance Fields are not the only ones suffered this season. They are just the ones that have gotten the most notice because of the timing of the injuries, and how front and center they were.

Other injuries (and major suspensions) that have affected teams and seasons are Alabama's Ronald Steele (do you think the Tide would be better with a true point and senior leader?); Marquette's Trevor Mbakwe (who would have been a frontcourt starter and top rebounder ... not to mention the injuries to Dan Fitzgerald); UCLA's Michael Roll and James Keefe (both would have really helped the Bruins); Syracuse's Andy Rautins and Eric Devendorf (with those two, this was a clear NCAA team); Tennessee's Duke Crews (out with a heart condition, and would have added rebounding, toughness and defense); LSU's Tasmin Mitchell (the Tigers miss his all-around play); and Louisville's David Padgett and Juan Palacios (the Cardinals have had no real continuity without them, and it is amazing that Padgett is even trying to play). You have to be lucky, and staying healthy has a lot to do with luck.