Around the country: Remember Memphis 

January, 18, 2009

Memphis keeps winning, and keeps getting largely ignored. I watched the Tigers against Tulsa, and think that Memphis is every bit as good as any team ranked from No. 21 to No. 25. But Conference USA and the Memphis TV schedule are killing the Tigers' profile. I haven't ranked the Tigers in any of the latest Power Rankings, and it is largely because I have had too many other teams on my mind ahead of Memphis. Every game I have seen him play, Tyreke Evans has been getting better, and it shouldn't take the NCAA tournament for all of us, myself included, to figure it out. Memphis will get a good shot at getting back in our frontal lobes with a game at Gonzaga in February.

• I have heard people say you need to have "your head on a swivel" on the defensive end. Isn't your head already on a swivel? Wouldn't that be your neck?