Evaluating the draft process and other musings 

May, 7, 2009
The NCAA's decision to limit the time a college player can test the waters in the NBA draft process is a good one, but it does not go far enough.

Next year, underclassmen declaring for the draft will have to withdraw by May 8 to retain college eligibility. I have heard criticism that the earlier date is unfair to the players and that the NCAA is supposed to put the best interests of the players first. However, I believe that this rule does benefit the players.

If a player isn't sure, he should not declare for the draft in the first place. It does not do him any good to be out of school for two months to figure out whether he will be drafted where he wants to be drafted. I think the rule should be even more simple and direct. Once a player declares for the NBA draft, he should be renouncing his college eligibility. It would be direct, simple and sobering. And we would not have to follow the annual charade of athletes who declare for the draft with no earthly intention of staying in. It is ridiculous.