Presenting the 2013 All-Giant Killer team 

April, 9, 2013

Florida Gulf Coast Eagles and Sherwood Brown after reaching the Sweet 16AP Photo/Michael PerezFlorida Gulf Coast's Sherwood Brown was a main reason why the Eagles reached the Sweet 16.
It's a privilege and an honor to be trusted with this responsibility. No, we're not talking about heart surgery with Don Draper, but about choosing the fourth annual All-Giant Killers Team. This year, after we opened the floor to nominations for players who contributed the most to deep underdogs in the NCAA tournament, we got more -- and more intense -- responses than ever before.

So we want to start with a heartfelt thanks for all of your feedback. We are proud that Giant Killers has loyal readers. We are including the best of the GK Mailbag here, with the 2013 All-GK Team. And we're happy to incorporate your suggestions as we keep improving our statistical model.