At long last, the All-GK Team 

March, 29, 2010

The thing about high-risk/high-reward strategies, which as we've been telling you for two weeks are a key to Giant Killers success, is that when they fail, they sure can look ugly. And this past weekend, our two remaining Killers ran into teams that not only appeared physically superior but also effectively shut down their Giant Killing talents. On Thursday, Kentucky allowed Cornell to jump out to a 10-2 lead and make a second-half run, but overall, the Wildcats hamstrung the Big Red, constantly stealing the ball, grabbing rebounds on the offensive glass and, most importantly, limiting Cornell to just 5-of-21 shooting (23.8 percent) on 3-point attempts. The next night, after our complaints about Baylor's prior one-dimensional victories, the Bears destroyed Saint Mary's 72-49 in a game that wasn't even that close.