Where top teams are vulnerable 

January, 15, 2013

Mark Lyons and Brandon AshleyCasey Sapio/USA TODAY SportsArizona's poor 3-point defense could cause the Wildcats problems come March.
An upset, at its core, is composed of three parts. First, there are the underdog's weapons -- the things they do well enough to put them in position to win. There are the favorite's flaws -- the areas that can be exploited in a one-and-done format. Finally, there is the intersection between those qualities. We won't be able to examine that final issue until we're staring at a bracket. But Giant Killers focuses heavily on the first two, anyway.

Essentially, we are searching for the genetic markers that are inherent in teams involved on either side of a March upset. Although this season's formula is far from complete -- and certain categories aren't weighted more than another -- we know the key components. And with that in mind, it's time for an early look at 10 highly ranked teams that have at least one major cause for concern. You won't see Louisville or Indiana on this list, as they are doing all the right things to ward off GKs. But most other top teams have at least one weakness to correct.