Players to get before trade deadline 

July, 30, 2014

Joc PedersonGregg Forwerck/Getty ImagesJoc Pederson could be in the majors soon, either with the Dodgers or some other team.
Baseball's non-waiver trade deadline is Thursday afternoon -- I mean, nobody's been talking about this for the past month, right? -- and while we can't possibly know for sure which players will actually be sent to new teams, I have a few hunches the fantasy world will certainly be affected. I read and follow the same ESPN experts you do and right now it's nothing but rumors, but here are several young players I would add today in advance of a deadline that could send their value soaring and creating a modest free-for-all in your league. Always plan ahead!

Ken Giles, RP, Philadelphia Phillies: I sure hope Jonathan Papelbon gets moved somewhere, because the last thing a last-place team needs is a really expensive, miserable closer. Giles certainly seems ready to close, and I think he'd get the nod over lefty Jake Diekman, who still gets thumped at times by right-handed hitters. Giles looks dominant. Other relief pitchers who could go from setting up today to closing tomorrow -- not necessarily young, by the way -- include Dale Thayer of the San Diego Padres, Rex Brothers of the Colorado Rockies and Bryan Morris of the Miami Marlins. As for other Phillies ready to step up into a key role should Marlon Byrd, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Bake McBride or pretty much anyone else get moved, it's tough to find anyone. The organization's outfield is totally bereft of depth, thus the Grady Sizemore signing. Perhaps corner infielder Maikel Franco gets a promotion if Ryan Howard is moved. Dare to dream.