The art of the fantasy trade keeps evolving 

June, 20, 2014
James Shields and Corey Kluber Getty ImagesWould you prefer steady James Shields or the emerging Corey Kluber on your team?
With Eric Karabell on a well-deserved vacation this week, we've got a collection of guest bloggers filling in. Jim Bowden batted leadoff Monday, Keith Law had the honors on Tuesday, Tom Lasko stepped in Wednesday, and Scott Spratt took over Thursday.

We finish up the week with Todd Zola, who looks at some evolving attitudes toward player evaluation, especially when it comes to making trades.

SUBJECT: A Farewell to Arms

Hey everyone -- looking to deal starting pitching for a hitting upgrade or a couple of lesser starting pitchers. On the block are James Shields and Corey Kluber. Shoot me a note if interested and we can discuss?