2014 NL-only LABR auction recap 

March, 7, 2014
Each fantasy baseball auction is different, and if you're anything like me, when an auction ends, I feel like I spend more time regretting not spending the extra dollar(s) for certain players rather than celebrating the fine individuals who compose what I hope is the winning team.

For example, Sunday night from pleasant Phoenix, I was again fortunate to participate in the annual LABR (League of Alternative Baseball Reality) auction. I handled the National League, while trusted colleague and Fantasy Focus Baseball podcast and dining partner Tristan H. Cockcroft kicked butt in the American League the night prior. We entered our respective proceedings with a similar, time-tested philosophy of bargain-hunting and seeking value, and based on the projected standings derived from our statistical projections, our goals were achieved.

My team features a strong, undervalued pitching staff, a seriously veteran yet top-notch infield and a risky low-average, possibly high-upside outfield, but does not include the one top stolen-base option, in retrospect, I felt went way too cheap. Nobody will confuse New York Mets outfielder Eric Young Jr. with being a terrific baseball player, but when it comes to stolen bases, few are better, and many of the top options, save for him and Cincinnati Reds lightning rod Billy Hamilton, ply their trade in the NL. My team chased steals after Young went for a bit above our projected price. Shopping for bargains is nice, but once in a while you just have to get someone who statistically fits into your plan.